National Museum of Natural History "natur musée"

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National Museum of Natural History "natur musée"

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A Fancy for Science

Visitors come to the ‘natur musée’ because they are interested in natural history and natural sciences in general, or because the issues raised in the permanent and temporary exhibits are exceptional, instructive, sometimes surprisingly uncommon and always deserve the mention. The museum shows in a simple, understandable and exciting way what natural history is: the discovery of Nature’s diversity in connection with a love of science.

The National Museum of Natural History : also a research institute

Behind the exhibitions of the museum lies in fact a world of scientists studying the collection of millions of specimens and committing themselves to the exploration of the natural heritage. The National Museum of Natural History has the largest natural history collections in the country. Many hours of field work, extensive laboratory studies and an accurate determination is needed before only the most remarkable specimens find their way into the exhibitions or collections of the museum.

New permanent exhibitions

In 2017 completely redesigned permanent exhibitions re-opened to the public on more than 1000 m2. The fact that the new museological concept reflects the current state of scientific research and that the rich collections of the museum appear in a new light enables the visitor to develop a perspective on the subject of natural history.

Temporary exhibitions

> 06.01.2019
Otherworlds will explore the beauty of our solar system and demonstrate that the visual legacy of six decades of space exploration constitutes a visually stunning, important chapter in the history of photography. Created by artist, curator and writer Michael Benson, the 70 images on display represent a joining together of art and science.

15.03. - 04.08.2019
When some species sleep, others come to life... What happens when it gets dark? From mammals to butterflies as well as birds: the magical atmosphere of this exhibition invites you to explore nightlife through all kinds of sound and olfactory installations.

11.10. -07.06.2020
Geckeg Vullen – Crazy birds
The National Museum of Natural History has an impressive collection of birds: about 3,500 specimens of 1,300 different species are preserved in the museum, which represents about 10 percent of all known bird species. At first sight, birds should therefore be the most well known animals to the general public, especially since with their often attractive colours and songs they do not go unnoticed in nature. However, the biology of birds still hides countless secrets that will be revealed in the exhibition.

Science Festival

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