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"Gallo-Roman site" Echternach

The Roman Villa of Echternach is one of the most important domains of the Roman times North of the Alps. This luxurious home offererd its inhabitants a remarkable level of comfort for those times. In the museum installed close to the archeological site the daily life inside the villa is illustrated by scenes with life-size figures. A film presenting the Roman culture as well as a rebuilt Roman garden (more than 70 plants) complete the documentation work.

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Remains of a large Roman palace next to the artificial lake. Little fort of the Lower-Empire (Bas-Empire) and the Merovingian epoch on the hillock of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Closest bus stop: Echternach, Nonnemillen (500m)
Closest parking lot: Nonnemillen/Lac (400m)


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