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Family bistro or gourmet restaurant, Luxembourg’s tabletops offer a stunning visual of the country’s fabulous mix of cultures and flavours.

Restaurants in Luxembourg

Family bistro or gourmet restaurants, Luxembourg offers an excellent cuisine with a fabulous mix of cultures and flavours. The grand cuisines of European cultures mingle with local products to create a rich and varied culinary offer. This guide lists the best lunch and dining places in Luxembourg that offer delicious food and outstanding service. Also discover the many restaurants for eating out in Luxembourg City. Finally, let yourself be tempted by one of the 10 starred restaurants (one or two stars) in Luxembourg whose fame reaches far beyond the country’s borders.


Tourism Quality Labels in Luxembourg

In order to grant presumptuous welcome and best services, the Ministry for Economy created several labels to stress the importance of quality in tourism. These labels gather several initiatives improving quality in hotels, restaurants, holiday-apartments, campsites, youth hostels, attractions and even outdoor initiatives.

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Restaurants in Luxembourg

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Restaurant Lohengrin - Hôtel Saint-Nicolas

Where: Remich

31, Esplanade

L-5533 Remich

T. +352 26 66 36 66

Restaurant Pier29 - Hôtel de l'Ecluse

Where: Stadtbredimus

29, Waistrooss

L-5450 Stadtbredimus

T. +352 23 61 91 91

Restaurant Purple Lounge - Casino 2000

Where: Mondorf-les-Bains

rue Th. Flammang

L-5618 Mondorf-les-Bains

T. +352 26 67 84 20

Restaurant Um Scheierhaff - Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club

Where: Canach


L-5412 Canach

T. +352 35 61 35

Restaurant-Bar Le Chalet

Where: Remerschen

Zone de Loisirs Breicherwee

L-5441 Remerschen

T. +352 26 66 51 91

Domaine de la Forêt

Where: Remich

36, route de l'Europe

L-5531 Remich

T. +352 23 69 99 99

L'Étage - Hôtel-Restaurant Simon's Plaza

Where: Grevenmacher

7, Potaschberg

L-6776 Grevenmacher

T. +352 26 74 44

Restaurant A Schmatten

Where: Welfrange

1, Saangewee

L-5698 Welfrange

T. +352 23 66 82 61

Restaurant Aa Kremesch

Where: Wormeldange

1, rue Kundel

L-5485 Wormeldange

T. +352 76 05 76 42

Restaurant L'Orée du Palmberg

Where: Ahn

1 rue de la Résistance

5401 Ahn

T. +352 768698

Café Basilika

Where: Lenningen

1, rue de Canach

L-5430 Lenningen

T. +352 26 74 77 49

Kanecher Ieselsstiffchen

Where: Canach

18, rue d’Oetrange

L-5411 Canach

T. +352 26 35 11 28 81

Restaurants and brasseries


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