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Broche mit Nelkenblume zum 1. Mai

Waar? 1, Marché-aux-Poissons -, L-2345 Luxembourg Trainingen/Conferenties

A series of lunchtime tours

Deze inhoud is helaas niet in het Nederlands beschikbaar.
Themed tour, Hungry for Culture

Hungry for culture? Check out our short lunchtime tours, designed to fit around your busy schedule! The tours provide a brief but focused encounter with artworks and objects from our collection, with plenty of time left over to grab a bite to eat.

Take 20 minutes out of your lunch break and sample the cultural fare on offer! Be sure to drop by the Gëlle Klack afterwards and get 10% off your lunch.

On the night of 24 to 25 April 1974, a military coup was launched by the broadcasting of the song "Grândola Vila Morena" on the radio. Several military detachments took up positions at strategic points in Lisbon. During the morning, the civilian population took to the streets in large numbers in support of the putschists. Celeste Caeiro, a shop assistant who was to deliver carnations to a restaurant in Rossio Square, distributed the flowers to the soldiers, giving her name to the revolution. The carnation became the symbol of this peaceful revolution. Combined with the symbol of the "flower in the gun" and the red colour of socialism, the carnation became a powerful symbol of the fight against dictatorship. Adopted by many left-wing movements and trade unions across Europe, the red carnation is also present in Luxembourg. In 1990, during the May Day celebrations of the OGBL, FNCTTFEL and FLTL trade unions, small plastic carnations were handed out to participants to wear as buttonholes. The carnation featured in the exhibition was donated by one of these participants to the Association of Friends of 25 April, who gave it to the Museum as a gift in 2023. Come and discover the immense story behind this small object during the Hungry for culture tours in May 2024.

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- 07/05/2024, 12:30, FR
- 14/05/2024, 12:30, DE
- 21/05/2024, 12:30, EN
- 28/05/2024, 12:30, LU

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Adres: Nationalmusée um Fëschmaart
1, Marché-aux-Poissons -
L-2345 Luxembourg
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