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Circular walk Berdorf

Start: next to the kiosk in Berdorf We cross the village and some fields until we arrive at the forest. We walk along the edge of the forest, through the Halsbaach valley to the Perekop rocks. We then follow the Aesbech to the amphitheatre. The trail le...

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Circular walk Bridel

Start: fork of the route de Luxembourg/rue de Schoenfels in Bridel We cross the town in a northern direction and go right towards the forest. We go through the Eechestecken and the Erenzgröndchen and arrive at the Steinsel plateau. We pass a tree n...

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Circular walk Esch-sur-Sûre I

Start: near the Sûre bridge at the rue de Kaundorf in Esch-sur-Sûre We follow the Sûre valley in the direction of the dam and ramble on the national footpath "Circuit du Lac" through the forest and along the lake. We walk uph...

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Circular walk Rumelange I

Start: next to the National Mining Museum ("Musée National des Mines") in Rumelange The route sets out towards the former lime kilns of the Walerd quarry, then enters the Eechels forest. We follow partly the national footpath "Sent...

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Circular walk Schengen

Départure near the bridge of the Moselle River in Schengen.       ...

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Walking tours in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has numerous circular walks, marked with a blue triangle on a white background. They range in length from 4 to 16 km, are well maintained, and they are easily accessible. And because the departure and arrival points are the same, when you have finished your hike you will end up back where you started, which makes things nice and easy for you.


Circular walks are particularly well suited to families. When hiking with children, it is a good idea to start with short distances of 4 to 5 km. And with 208 circular walks in whole Luxembourg, you are spoilt for choice.

Find the walking tours in Luxembourg

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Circular walk Abweiler

Where : Abweiler

Start: car park in the centre of Abweiler The trail leads us at first through...

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Circular walk Ahn

Where : Ahn

Start: uphill the church of Ahn The route leads us through the vineyards...

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Circular walk Arsdorf

Where : Arsdorf

Start: car park near the school in Arsdorf We walk towards the Héierich...

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Circular walk Bascharage

Where : Bascharage

Start: train stop Bascharage-Sanem We leave the town behind us and walk...

dsc 5834

Circular walk Baschleiden

Where : Baschleiden

Start: next to the church of Baschleiden We walk through the village and go...

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Circular walk Bavigne

Where : Bavigne

Start: car park near the town hall in Bavigne The route "Sentier...

dsc 9045

Circular walk Beaufort

Where : Beaufort

Start: car park on the Beaufort-Grondhaff road We walk down into the shady...

dsc 1447

Circular walk Bech

Where : Bech

Start: next to the church of Bech We pass through the village and go along the...

bech kleinmacher 1

Circular walk Bech-Kleinmacher

Where : Bech-Kleinmacher

Start: junction of the rue St. Wilibrord with the quai de la Moselle in...

dsc 0098

Circular walk Beckerich

Where : Beckerich

Start: near the church in Beckerich (N24) Old "Stations of the...

dsc 1499

Circular walk Belvaux

Where : Belvaux

Start: town hall in Belvaux The trail leads over the Pakebierg, past the Tour...

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Circular walk Berbourg

Where : Berbourg

Start: next to the school of Berbourg We traverse the town, go across fields...

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