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Cycle path Charly Gaul (PC 11)

PC 11 Fentange - Ellange-Gare Start: Fentange ...

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Cycle path de la Syre (PC 4)

PC 4 Ernster - Mertert Start: Ernster ...

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Cycle path Echternach (PC 2)

PC 2 Luxembourg city - Echternach Start: Kirchberg - Echternach They say that two is twice the fun. And this is certainly the case with the Echternach cycle route! The story starts in the country’s capital, the city of Luxembourg. A couple of ...

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Cycle path Jangeli (PC 7)

PC 7 Remich - Mondorf-les-Bains Start: Remich ...

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National cycle path network in Luxembourg

Well-maintained and accessible to all, the national cycle path network is made up of 23 tracks that criss cross the different regions of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In total, there are almost 600 km of paths (another 300 km still to come). You can follow converted old railway lines, ride along the banks of rivers and lakes, cycle through charming villages, and much more. These well-marked routes will lead you to cultural attractions like spectacular castles and many areas of outstanding natural beauty.

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Cycle path Charly Gaul (PC 11)

Where : Fentange

PC 11 Fentange - Ellange-Gare Start: Fentange

velo 8

Cycle path des Trois Rivières (PC 3)

Where : Schengen

PC 3 Schengen - Vianden Start: Schengen The “Trois...

exterieur 04

Cycle path Jangeli (PC 7)

Where : Remich

PC 7 Remich - Mondorf-les-Bains Start: Remich

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Cycle path Nicolas Franz (PC 13)

Where : Kleinbettingen

PC 13 Kleinbettingen - Strassen Start: Kleinbettingen

andreas kern 8802

Cycle path Benny (PC 23)

Where : Diekirch

PC 23 Bleesbrück - Fouhren Start: Blessbrück  

de l alzette5

Cycle path de l'Alzette (PC 15)

Where : Bereldange

PC 15 Bereldange - Ettelbruck Start: Bereldange   The...


Cycle path de l'Attert (PC 12)

Where : Pétange

PC 12 Pétange -  Colmar-Berg Start: Pétange The Attert...

ont 2012 00087

Cycle path de l'Ernz Blanche (PC 5)

Where : Junglinster

PC 5 Junglinster - Reisdorf Start: Junglinster

de la moyenne sure6

Cycle path de la Moyenne Sûre (PC 16)

Where : Reisdorf

PC 16 Reisdorf - Kautenbach Start: Reisdorf Linking “Luxembourg’s...

ont 2014 02975

Cycle path de la Syre (PC 4)

Where : Ernster

PC 4 Ernster - Mertert Start: Ernster

ont 2015 03037

Cycle path de la Terre Rouge (PC 8)

Where : Bettembourg

PC8  Bettembourg - Pétange Start: Trainstation Bettembourg...


Cycle path de la Wiltz (PC 20)

Where : Kautenbach

PC 20 Kautenbach - Benonchamps (B) Start: Kautenbach For much of this charming...

National cycle path network


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