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Find a restaurant in Luxembourg

Family bistro or gourmet restaurant, Luxembourg’s tabletops offer a stunning visual of the country’s fabulous mix of cultures and flavours. The grand cuisines of European cultures mingle with local products to create a rich and varied culinary offer. This guide lists plenty of lovely restaurants and bistros in Luxembourg. Also discover the many places for eating out in Luxembourg City. Finally, let yourself be tempted by one of the 10 starred restaurants in Luxembourg whose fame reaches far beyond the country’s borders.

Find a restaurant in Luxembourg

alfa brasserie lux 09

Alfa Brasserie

Luxembourg City

The Alfa Brasserie welcomes you in an outstanding setting...

brasserie du cercle br

Basserie du Cercle

Luxembourg City

The Brasserie du Cercle is ideally located in the city...

bistro maus katti terrasse

Bistro Maus Kätti


Worthy of the finest Parisian brasseries, the Maus...

resto 006

Brasserie Aubergine

Luxembourg City

The Brasserie Aubergine welcomes you in a modern...

brasserie guillaume

Brasserie Guillaume

Luxembourg City

Brasserie Guillaume with its cosy and friendly atmosphere...

dsc 4055 bw

Brasserie K116


Brasserie K116 is located in an old sloughterhouse which...

koener restaurant 2012 clervaux

Chloé's Restaurant


Our hotel offers you with a brasserie and the restaurant...

chocolate house luxembourg

Chocolate House

Luxembourg City

The Cocolate House is situated in front of the Grand Ducal...

k restaurant huldange

K Restaurant


Welcome to K Restaurant, located in Burrigplatz, the...


Kathy's Deli & Cupcakery

Luxembourg City

Situated close to the ‘Gare’ area, Kathy &...

cafe de paris fac ade

Le Café de Paris

Luxembourg City

As for savours, Le Café de Paris serves tasty...

le bar by dahm erpeldange 1

Le Lounge-Bar by Dahm



Patisserie-Traiteur Oberweis

Luxembourg City

True virtuoso of sweet and savory delights the Oberweis...

zomer 2007groot 396

Restaurant "An de Nommerlayen"


Our “à la carte” restaurant “An...

guddesch mersch

Restaurant A Guddesch


Just a few minutes from Mersch, in a restaurant that is...

rest am tiirmschen lux

Restaurant Am Tiirmschen

Luxembourg City

The address 32 rue de l’eau, is a historical classed...

birkelt restaurant

Restaurant Birkelt


Birkelt is the name of our stylish and cosy restaurant...

img 0252kopiekopie

Restaurant Bistro 1865


With the restaurant "Bistro 1865" we have...