Joel Schäfer


Joël Schaeffer

Through whom or how have you discovered cooking?
I got into cooking through my mother. I liked watching and helping her when she was cooking for guests and family. Of course, I also liked tasting everything. Already as a child, I dressed up like a chef to go to school.

What is your favorite ingredient to add to your meals?
Some of my favorite ingredients are butter, olive oil and onions. For me, there is almost no dish without onions; you can just use them in so many ways. Also, there is nothing like a good steak.

Do you cook a recipe in your restaurant that you have inherited from your family?
From time to time, I prepare “Kniddelen” according to my mother’s recipe and combine them with game. The mustard sauce for “Wäinzoossiss” is prepared in the same way.

What is special about your menu for “Vakanz genéissen”?
Our “Vakanz genéissen” menu is special because we re-interpret some of our traditional menus. I am using Luxembourgish products as much as possible in combination of course with the wines from our Mosel. Various preparations have been made so that the guests try out things they would otherwise maybe not have ordered in the restaurant.

Actual working place?
Bistro Quai in Grevenmacher.

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