Fernand Braquet


Fernand Braquet

Through whom or how have you discovered cooking?
Being a butcher at the base, the taste for well-prepared meat dishes pushed me towards the profession of the chef.

What is your favorite ingredient to add to your meals?
I am a hunter, and I have a weakness for game meat that we offer all year long at Robesscheier.

Do you cook a recipe in your restaurant that you have inherited from your family?
The “Kniddelen” are prepared according to my grandmother’s recipe and are a great success with our customers.

What is special about your menu for “Vakanz genéissen”?
The menu is exclusively prepared with products from the Éislek region (except for the Crémant that originates from the Moselle) and highlights Luxembourgish recipes. The 0km concept, a project launched by Robbesscheier in collaboration with the Nature Park Our, is emphasized.

Which regional/seasonal products are included in your menu?
Potatoes, cheeses, buckwheat, oils, vegetables, meat,….etc., all the ingredients are delivered by local producers or originate from our own production. The vegetables and the fruits are harvested the day before the event.

Actual working place?
Restaurant Robbesscheier in Munshausen.

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