When? Wednesday 07.12.202219:30 - 21:00

Table-ronde: Avec Jean-Claude Juncker, Prof Jean Ehret en remplacement du Cardinal Hollerich et Gilles Reckinger : L'Europe en 2022 : désastre, défi ou espoir
Where? 71, rue du Fossé, L-4123 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE Esch2022, Other, Training/Conferences

Ensemble même si différents

A programme elaborated in 66 stages which will take place on the different religious sites of Esch and in public places. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, shows for all ages will go hand in hand with some culinary moments that will allow for the appreciation of different cultures. 

The access to the different productions will be mostly free and accessible to disabled people, so that everyone can participate in these intercultural moments that will show the diversity of our communities. 

It also aims to show the cultural richness of religious buildings and the contribution made by renowned artists during guided tours and open doors events. 

A book "Traces religieuses dans la Capitale Européenne de la culture" ('Religious Traces in the European Capital of Culture') will be one of the lasting elements of the project together with a future inter-religious collaboration. 

The participation of people of different nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs has resulted in a programme that will roll out unique ideas and concepts, open to visitors far beyond the borders of our city. 

Putting the person, the individual, sometimes so different from each other, at the centre of our program is the common thread of this project. In the spirit of 'Remix People' the project also looks beyond our borders to promulgate a United Europe, but also gives a voice to refugees, humanitarian associations and politicians and citizens of the region.


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