Jean-Charles Albert et Hadrien Dillmann


Jean-Charles Albert & Hadrien Dillmann

Through whom or how have you discovered cooking?
I’m from a long family history of hôteliers, so it’s a fascination that’s been going on for generations.

What is your favorite ingredient to add to your meals?
I like working with everything, but prefer seasonal and fresh products.

Do you cook a recipe in your restaurant that you have inherited from your family?
We’re working on perfected recipes that really make you appreciate the high quality of the products; this includes the commitment to using the highest quality of beef.

What is special about your menu for “Vakanz genéissen”?
The entire menu was inspired by traditional luxemburgish dishes, adapted and modernized to give it a modern, original touch.

Actual working place?
Parc Le'h in Dudelange.

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