Fanch Delanoë


Fanch Delanoë

Through whom or how have you discovered cooking?
I discovered cooking through a work experience in a restaurant when I was 14. Afterwards, my chef became my apprenticeship instructor and made me discover and love cooking. He taught me that cooking is a passion above all else.

What is your favorite ingredient to add to your meals?
I am originally from Brittany so my cuisine is centered around semi-salted butter.

Do you cook a recipe in your restaurant that you have inherited from your family?
There is no signature dish made in Brittany in our restaurant but every time I have the opportunity, I allow myself to highlight my region especially in the range of take away food and in our various catering menus.

What is special about your menu for “Vakanz genéissen”?
We exclusively work with Luxembourgish products and recipes to make people discover the specialties of our beautiful country.

Which regional/seasonal products are included in your menu?
We work with “Jambon Grand-Ducale”, our famous homemade Riesling Pâté based on an original recipe, as well as salads and vegetables from our local producer.

Actual working place?

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