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Upper Sûre Lake

News around the Upper Sûre Lake!

The Upper Sûre Lake is not only Luxembourg's largest drinking water reservoir, but during the summer months it is also known beyond the country's borders as a bathing and hiking paradise.

For this year's season, the Upper Sûre Nature Park shares some very pleasant news. Since the sanitary situation has eased, there will no longer be a reservation requirement for the 2022 season.

The Upper Sûre Nature Park advises all visitors to plan their journey as environmentally as possible. There are several ways to get there by bus, depending on which direction you are coming from: e.g. line 131 Ettelbruck-Arsdorf, 121 Wiltz-Boulaide or 148 Wiltz-Liefrange.

In addition, the Upper Sûre shuttle (“Stauséi Navette” - line 155) runs free of charge around the lake every hour. It also connects well with the local hiking trails, such as the "Circuit du Lac". If you can't do the 40 km around the lake in one day, you can divide it into stages and return to your starting point with the Upper Sûre shuttle.

For those arriving by car, free parking is available in Insenborn and Lultzhausen. The car parks "Am Kéilert" (700 parking spaces) and "Kräizfeld" (250 parking spaces) are located directly on the N27 near Insenborn and Lultzhausen. The access to the two car parking areas is signposted. Enjoy a walk of 10 to 20 minutes to the lake. Alternatively, the municipality of Esch-sur-Sûre offers a shuttle service called “Plage-Bus” on fair-weather weekends and public holidays. This takes visitors comfortably from the car park areas to the beaches “Fuussefeld”, “Frounbierg” and Lultzhausen every 20 minutes. The residents will be grateful.

The parking spaces in the direct vicinity of the beaches in Lultzhausen and Insenborn have a parking fee of 3 euros per hour. Both car parks have been equipped with an electronic barrier. At the moment, due to a delayed delivery, it is only possible to pay with cash. Residents of the municipality of Esch-sur-Sûre are entitled to a free parking card. This is available on request from the municipality. Fishermen and divers can obtain a reduced parking card on request, which costs 75 euros per season.

Parking spaces at the Upper Sûre lake

Fuussefeld Stauséi

Fuussefeld Stauséi
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Upper Sûre Lake rules of conduct

There is a lot going on around the Upper Sûre Lake in the summer - no wonder: the great scenery, challenging hiking trails and attractive sunbathing lawns attract a wide audience. The lake is also the heart of the Upper Sûre Nature Park. Its maximum capacity is 60 million m3 of water - water that is needed to supply three quarters of Luxembourg's population with drinking water. For this reason, the Upper Sûre Nature Park once again reminds visitors of certain rules that must be observed when visiting the lake:

  1. As in the whole country, throwing rubbish into nature is also forbidden at the Upper Sûre Lake - unsuitable substances, such as soluble pollutants or even plastic lead to contamination of the water. If there is rubbish left over after the picnic at the lake, it should be disposed of in the designated rubbish containers and properly sorted for recycling as offered at some beaches. If this is not possible due to overcrowded containers, the waste should be disposed of or recycled at home.
  2. Barbecues are only allowed in the designated areas. Around the lake there are barbecues built at the beach called "Fuussefeld" in Insenborn which can be used. In Lultzhausen, guests can also take advantage of the mobile snack stand. Wild barbecuing and lighting fires at the beaches is prohibited.
  3. Dogs are prohibited on all beaches around the Upper Sûre Lake. Repeatedly, dogs brought to the lake, lead to unrest among bathers, which is why the surrounding municipalities have issued a ban.
  4. Wild camping or tenting is prohibited throughout Luxembourg. This also applies to the Upper Sûre Lake region. The beaches may no longer be used after 11 pm. All-night parties on the beaches not only lead to discontent among the residents of the surrounding villages, but also to disturbance of the nocturnal wildlife.
  5. Listening to music is only allowed with headphones. The Upper Sûre Lake is a recreational area, not a party mile.
  6. Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Visitors are requested to use public transport to get to the beaches if possible. Those arriving by car must park their vehicle in a designated parking space. Wildly parked vehicles obstruct traffic and, in the worst case, also delay the passage of emergency vehicles in the case of an emergency.
  7. All types of motorised water sports are prohibited.

New offers that have been developed by the Upper Sûre Nature Park in recent years are intended to prevent illegal and environmentally destructive behaviour and to promote respectful behaviour towards the resource of water, the environment and fellow human beings.

In addition, the nature park continues to work on the implementation of the rescue point system: a system in which individual identification on signs at busy paths or crossroads greatly speeds up the process of finding someone who needs help. The municipality “Stauséigemeng” has already been fully equipped with this system. The communities of Wiltz and Boulaide will follow. Through this, but also through the expanded police presence and the corresponding adaptations of the CGDIS, the safety of the visitors has been additionally ensured.

Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, a team of rangers will again be on site at the bathing beaches during the summer months to inform and sensitise visitors and, if necessary, to point out any misconduct. In addition, mobile information teams will also be out and about on the beaches during this season to provide visitors with answers to all kinds of questions about the lake and the Upper Sûre Nature Park region.

The Upper Sûre Nature Park and the Regional Tourism Board Éislek wish you a pleasant stay in the region.

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Sunbathing lawns around the lake

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