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Storytelling on stage: a new look

29 januari 2021

Trade fairs and B2B webinars revisited


During the pandemic, tourism fairs are taking place differently – either entirely virtually or with elaborate hygiene measures in place, and occasionally a combination of both. Luxembourg for Tourism is adapting to this development, using a whole new kind of presentation aesthetics. Storytelling is the magic word.


The times when brochures simply listed tourist attractions are long gone. Nowadays, Luxembourg for Tourism’s marketing drive involves stories, encounters and inspiration: in a nutshell, an outlook on life based around Luxembourg as a travel destination. This approach is also adopted both at trade fairs and in B2B contacts with travel operators. The aim is to showcase what visitors to the country can experience and how they return home enriched, following a stay packed with experiences and encounters.


In 2021, tourism fairs are expected to continue being partially virtual and partially in the form of stands on location. LFT has come up with a whole new aesthetic for these fairs, revolving around storytelling, as can be found in Luci magazine and other current publications. The Visit Luxembourg stand’s inspiring, large-format photos shed light on Luxembourg’s unique spirit.


An individualised customer approach is key


This philosophy can be seen in the newly devised webinars for foreign B2B contacts. A variety of travel-themed presentations, speeches, talks and films are planned. The focus is increasingly expected to be on moving through themed worlds and reaching travellers through tailor-made experiences, whether they are lovers of the great outdoors or culture vultures.


A correspondingly adapted information and communication strategy should target the right contacts, such as travel operators, travel agencies and ultimately individual customers, in a personalised manner, in both the local European market and the more niche long-haul one.


The value proposition for tourism is now geared towards quality and class, instead of mass tourism. The goal is to show that Luxembourg is flexible, dynamic, open-minded and “naturally Europe”.




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Dit veld is leeg, gaarne invullen.
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