Through the wild ravine forest

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Ancient trees, rare plants and gently flowing streams - enjoy Luxembourg’s wild side with a tour of the Manternacher Fiels and its 11.5 km CFL hiking trail through unspoilt landscapes. At the end of the trail, simply take the train back to the starting point.

Text Jan Maier | Photos Oliver Raatz

The steep hill rises up amid an ocean of light green ferns and dark green, moss-coated rocks. All around are linden and sycamore trees, with overgrown fallen trunks here and there. A narrow path winds its way through the forest. The air is humid. It is pleasantly cool despite the summer temperatures. Down in the valley, the River Syre gurgles. Welcome to the Manternacher Fiels ravine forest.

This richly varied nature reserve is located in the east of the country. An 11.5 km CFL hiking trail leads from Manternach to Wasserbillig. Begin the tour at the Manternach train station next to the A Wiewesch Nature Reserve Centre.  

The path leads through meadow orchard and across creeks. Savour the tranquillity and high biodiversity in this nature reserve: the Manternacher Fiels is home to many plants and remarkable animals that wouldn’t otherwise be there. In the heart of the forest, 100 steps lead up to the train that takes hikers back to the starting point. Easy.

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