Speedy squad, great friendship

Outdoors PassionThe Velosvedettes Tour Luxembourg


They’re the “Spice Girls” of Luxembourg’s cycling world. While not beginners by any means, the group does prioritise fun and a sense of community over performance.

Text Christiane Württemberger | Photos Oliver Raatz

“At the beginning, we just wanted to ride together,” says Liz Van Rijswijck. “But it’s really grown into friendship and mutual support.” In 2018, Liz and her friends officially co-founded the Velosvedettes as a group for women who enjoy touring Luxembourg together by bike. By now the speedy squad with its black and yellow jerseys is known throughout the country.

Every now and then, the cyclers wave back at friendly locals who greet and hail them. Their name, Velosvedettes, is a Luxembourgish-French hybrid and means “cycling stars”.

It’s early summer. Ten o’clock on a Saturday morning. Six Velosvedettes are getting ready on the car park in Ettelbrück. Bikes are checked, shoes changed, helmets and sunglasses adjusted. A quick chat: how was your week, what’s new, where are we heading today? And off they go. Today’s route: a 40 km circuit. They pant and chat riding uphill, stop for a quick cooling break with a view over Bourscheid castle, dart in tandem down narrow tree-lined streets and calmly cruise around small villages. “Athletically relaxed” could be their slogan.

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