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Open and DiverseMulti-faceted, modern, cosmopolitan


With skylines and river valleys, historical foundations sprouting modern glass buildings and a plethora of green spaces, Luxembourg’s capital is as diverse as its population hailing from over 100 nations. Explore UNESCO world cultural heritage sites as well as futuristic cityscapes with architects Arnaud de Meyer and Nico Steinmetz.

Text Jan Maier | Photos Thomas Linkel

The city feels like a symbiotic creation of nature and humankind: From the meandering Alzette river valley over the Bock Casemates to the modern buildings on the plateau in the distance. All of this accentuated by bold green splashes of trees and leaves. “A city on many levels,” is how architect Nico Steinmetz likes to describe his home. The view from the Dräi Eechelen park alone offers a glimpse of the capital’s multiple layers - topographical, architectural, cosmopolitan. Today, Nico Steinmetz and his colleague Arnaud de Meyer are on a bike ride through their city. From time-to-time Arnaud stops for a quick sketch. Urban sketching perfectly represents this eclectic city.

The two architects have been colleagues and friends for years. They’ve experienced and built a lot together, such as the elevator offering breathtaking views from the Alzette valley up to the city centre. Or the Oekozenter Pafendall, a prime example of a modern passive house. On their bike ride, Nico and Arnaud zoom through the bustle of the city and its fascinating architectural history: modern glass and steel buildings, UNESCO world heritage, the fortress ruins and bastions in the escarpment, the parks’ green spaces. All this sprinkled with lively cafes, like in the Rue du Nord, and a sense of global connectedness: Luxembourg, a global village.

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