Visual arts

Témoigner de ces vies / Von diesen Leben zeugen

dinsdag, 15 december 2020  -  woensdag, 30 juni 2021

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The bilingual open-air exhibition will be shown from December 2020 to June 2021 at the Place de la Résistance in Esch/Alzette. It features 30 large-format panels with works by the French artist Francine Mayran. These paintings deal with the memory of the Second World War, the Shoah and the Porajmos, the genocide of the Roma, but also with forced displacement and flight. The sculptural treatment of the paintings takes these subjects out of their context and turns them into universal works that resonate with our society and current events. The exhibition is in French and German.

"The memory of the Holocaust is embodied in her works, both in her paintings and her ceramics. It is through the matter and through the imprints that the artist questions the traces left by the barbarity that dehumanises all of humanity. She questions the position of the witness and the responsibility of men. Her creations are meant to be echoes of all memories, those of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, those of Roma, those of resistance fighters..."

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