The Museum Project

dinsdag, 29 september 2020  -  zondag, 18 april 2021

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The Museum Project is a philanthropic association of American photographers, established in 2012 by the Californian photographers Robert von Sternberg and Darryl Curran, with the goal of expressing gratitude towards institutions that support the photographic art form. Through the project, participating artists or their representatives donate vintage and contemporary prints of their work to museum collections of their choice.

Since origination in October 2012, The Museum Project has donated in excess of 6,095 photographs to 215 institutional permanent collections of fine art in 50 American states, Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

In June 2020 the MNHA received a total of 58 works by 12 contemporary artists: Barry Andersen, Darryl Curran, Robert Fichter, Suda House, Victor Landweber, Kenda North, Sheila Pinkel, Bonnie Schiffman, Michael Stone, Robert von Sternberg, Melanie Walker, and Nancy Webber (for furher information: https://collections.mnha.lu/the-museum-project/).
This is the first time a selection of 38 photographs from this generous donation is presented, reflecting a multitude of contemporary perspectives and a rich assortment of styles, concepts, and photographic materials.
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