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Voguing Workshop

zondag, 15 december 2019  -  zondag, 15 december 2019

14:45 - 18:00
cash only & on spot 20.00 €
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The House of Melody (HOM) today the House of Saint Laurent was founded in 2012 by Mother Leo Saint Laurent and was the first German Vogue House. They pioneered voguing in Germany, organising the first balls, giving workshops, teaching classes, offering sessions to promote Ballroom culture throughout Germany.

Crystal Saint Laurent is part of this major and legendary house. As a Mother and Initiator of the Kiki House of Gyva, she's exploring and spreading the culture in Germany as well.

Ballroom culture dates back to the 1920s New York. It has its roots in the black and latin drag and trans community. It was created as a safe space to empower these communities. Earlier balls were performances and competitions where gender was impersonated. In the 70s and 80s supermodels and designers served as inspiration, thus leading to the creation of ‘voguing’ and the establishment of the ‘Ballroom scene’.

The trauma and discrimination that we face due to race, gender, sexual preference and sexual identity; renders Ballroom and Vogue an essential platform where self-expression, personal identity are encouraged, celebrated and protected.

The complex structures of Houses and Balls serve as a safe and open space for fluid, self-expression and self-discovery, whether it is through dance, fashion or just through the safety of the community.

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