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Film & photography

The Distant Barking of Dogs (Journée internationale des droits humains)

dinsdag, 10 december 2019

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En présence du réalisateur Simon Lereng Wilmont

Olegs krig Danemark-Suède-Finlande 2017 | vostang | 91’ | c | Documentaire de Simon Lereng Wilmont | ? Récompenses : IDFA – « Best First Appearance » ; DocAviv Film Festival – Meilleur Film International

The life of a 10-year-old includes a healthy dose of curiosity and adventure. But the days of Oleg, who lives in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine—just minutes from where Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces are at war—are often interrupted by echoes of anti-aircraft fire and missile strikes. Oleg and his cousin Yarik’s play fights and restlessness often lead them towards dangerous discoveries. But as this touching and intimate film evolves, we bear witness to the unique pressures that come with living adjacent to a war zone and the gradual erosion of innocence under intense psychological burdens. As the world shakes around them, the beauty of childhood friendship becomes ever more important for survival.
« Wilmont sensitively dramatizes the unique pressures that come with living adjacent to a war zone, presenting the physical and psychological impacts of such an upbringing on impressionable, malleable young souls. » (Hollywood Reporter)
> La projection sera suivie d’une discussion avec le réalisateur Simon Lereng Wilmont   
> Les ambassades invitent à une réception à l’issue des projections

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