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Film & photography

Livre d'heures

woensdag, 20 maart 2019  -  maandag, 29 april 2019



Suzan Noesen’s Livre d’heures (short, 2019, 25') portrays the day-to-day cohabitation of the artist and her grandmother in the grandmother’s house in a Luxembourg village. 
The script is based on their real-life cohabitation, reconstructed here in fictional form. The film’s aesthetics serve as a metaphor to depict their different identities and lifestyles. The script was developed over several months in collaboration with “Bomi”, the 87-year-old grandmother, and rehearsed in improvisation sessions for two weeks prior to shooting. The evolution of the status of women and women’s work influenced the choice of subjects and actions.   
The film is divided into four chapters (Les motifs, Les heures vierges, L'office du temps, Les psaumes pénitentiels), with the third and fourth interwoven. The title and the structuring chapters were inspired by medieval books of hours, which had an educational and ethical purpose. Each chapter approaches the structuring of life from a different angle and with its own narrative style.

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