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Film & photography

Kati Bruder, Wir Anderen

vrijdag, 02 november 2018  -  donderdag, 16 mei 2019

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Telefoon (info): 26 90 34 96
info@clervauximage.lu http://www.clervauximage.lu


We, the Others

The title of Kati Bruder’s work combines two concepts, which are in fact opposites: we and the others. What usually stands in confrontation to one another meets in agreement, on the same level. The title becomes a statement calling for reconciliation, for an acceptance of differences and contrasts, and even for new reflections and encounters.

We, the Others is a project about the perception and the forming of communities in our society, about the emergence of a sense of belonging, cohesion, exclusion, loneliness, proximity in space and isolation. It is a visual work about visibility and representation.” (Kati Bruder)

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