Wanneer? Vrijdag 23.06.202311:00 - 19:00

open air Konstfestival 2023
Waar? das ganze Dorf, L-9760 LELLINGEN Theater, film & voorstellingen, Andere, Kunst, cultuur & literatuur

an unforgettable art experience.

Deze inhoud is helaas niet in het Nederlands beschikbaar.

The Open Air Konstfestival is a multidisciplinary festival with a focus on art exhibitions and painting. In addition to these two main themes, there is also street and circus art, object theatre and music, with a preference for brass bands and atypical artists.


In the live competition, amateur artists take the opportunity to present themselves to the public. For the more experienced artists, it is a chance not only to meet a large audience, but also to get to know other professionals, gallery owners and collectors.


Around one hundred artists take part in the live competition and offer the public the unique opportunity to watch them create their work. The jury for the live competition, with its attractive prizes including the "Kiischpelter Lorblumm", is made up of the visitors themselves, who decide on their favorites with the help of trifecta cards. Each exhibition space is marked with the name of the artist and can be seen by anyone walking along the street. The exhibitor arranges his space, hangs his works in any way he wishes. Thanks to the exceptional atmosphere, contact with art becomes a spontaneous encounter.


Several exhibitions throughout the village await the visitor and invite him to embark on a journey into the world of colors, sculptures or photographs. Art performances, music groups and interactive installations enrich the itinerary.


An art academy with workshops for children and teenagers led by professional artists is complete every year. The children's workshops are also very popular: painting on silk, sand, glass or T-shirts, plaster sculptures etc.


The youngest artists always participate enthusiastically in the various activities and no less than a few adults are surprised by the creativity of their offspring.


The Konstfestival in Lellingen is an unforgettable art experience.

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Vrijdag 23.06.202311:00 - 19:00


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