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MTB - Luxembourg Cross

2 nacht(en): MTB - Luxembourg Cross

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Tour details and programme

Stage 1: Clervaux - Lultzhausen
Distance: 49 km
Elevation gain: ca. 1250 m

Departure and arrival will be from the youth hostel in Luxembourg-City. First we will head to the train station to take a train to Clervaux in the very north of the country. Exiting the train station, we will make our way through the forests of the Ardennes towards Drauffelt before a technically challenging ascent will bring us to the plateau of Pintsch and Lellingen. We continue to Schüttbuerg, where a lovely downhill trail will then take us to Kautenbach. The last of the challenging ascents will be to the plateau of Nocher before we continue past Dahl to the "Sure"valley. The hard-earned fruits of our labour on the last ascents will come in form of a few downhill trails to Luxembourg’s largest lake and picturesque village of Lultzhausen.

Stage 2: Lultzhausen - Beaufort
Distance: 58 km
Elevation gain: ca. 1050 m

Following a short, easy ride to start the day, we reach our first diverse single trail along one of the many branches of the lake before cycling uphill to Eschdorf. Another single trail and a long, pleasant descent will get us to Oberfeulen. We leave the Ardennes in Ettelbrück with a steep ascent and enter the famous Müllerthal region known for its spectacular rock formations. The trails through the forests surrounding the valleys of the Alzette and Sûre will lead us direction Eppeldorf. Just before carrying on towards Beaufort, we get to enjoy a panoramic view over the Ardennes and continue along a diverse trail until we arrive at the youth hostel in Beaufort.

Stage 3: Beaufort - Luxemburg
Distance: 65 km
Elevation gain: 1100 m.

The last and longest of the stages will lead us back to the capital. From Beaufort the paths through the forest will lead us to Larochette, where we will be rewarded with an astonishing view over the medieval castle. The next highlight of the tour will be the castle of Ansembourg, which we will pass directly on our way towards the Alzette valley. A technically challenging ascent will then lead us to a memorable trail through rock formations and the Alzette valley, from whereon we cycle along the paths taking us up to the Steinsel plateau and eventually to Bridel. Through the city’s Bambësch forest we will cycle back to the youth hostel in Luxembourg City’s Pfaffenthal district. Before departure, the participants are free to clean their mountain bikes and have a shower at the youth hostel.

Services included:

  • 2 nights in a dormitory with bedsheets, full-board (breakfast; packed lunches; dinners); always 1 overnight in the youth hostel Lultzhausen and Beaufort
  • Maps
  • Tour suggestions
  • GPX-files for your own GPS-device
  • Bicycle room
  • Free Wi-Fi

Prices per person:

  • Adults: 119 € (members of Hostelling International) / 125 € (standard price for non-members)
  • Surcharge for a private twin room: 13 €

Further payable services:

  • Mountain bike rental
  • Guided tour
  • Additional overnights in one youth hostel

Prices on request.

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Prijs per persoon voor het gehele verblijf : 125.00 €

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