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Luxembourg 360°
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the capital through unknown photo collections

The archives of the Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg (Photographic Archive of the City of Luxembourg) harbour more than eight million images. In addition to the collections from Luxembourgish photographers such as Théo Mey, Tony Krier, Édouard Kutter and Pol Aschman, these archives comprise a whole series of works deserving attention which have scarcely been exhibited to date. They also include small collections from known photographers and images from passionate amateurs, as well as private collections from photography lovers.

Although they are of a modest size, these ”small” collections are far from insignificant. They conceal photographic treasures and contribute in a decisive manner to the documentary and artistic value of the  Photothèque.

In this exhibition, the Photothèque presents photos previously unknown to the public, from a selection of these collections. It thus wishes not only to open up new perspectives on the development of the city and urban life but also, and above all, to thank the many donors and collectors who, over the years, have entrusted us with their treasures. Their images are the subject of this exhibition that leads us through the city’s quarters  and several decades, but also focuses on events, mobility in the city and well-known personalities.

At the same time, the Photothèque is launching a call to professional photographers, passionate amateurs and collectors of quality photos: do you have any photos or even photographic collections in your possession that document the development of the city of Luxembourg?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Your contribution will help us to preserve the cultural and photographic heritage of the city of Luxembourg, and to make it accessible to all.

Many thanks for your help !

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Address: Cercle Cité
2, Place d'Armes / rue Genistre
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Phone:0035246 49 46-1
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