Where can I find out about coach parking?

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Are fam trips available?

Fam trips are organised regularly and adapted to the situation. For more information please contact our Trade Department.

FAM Trips 2022 - Sample programme

Liz Moris
International Trade Relations

+352 42 82 82 - 35
Patrick Even
International Trade Relations

+352 42 82 82 - 34

Where can I find photos and videos?

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What hotels are available in Luxembourg?

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What does the LuxembourgCard include?

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What are the highlights ?

Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture.

In 2022, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg’s second largest city, will hold the title of European Capital of Culture together with the ten Luxembourg municipalities of the Pro-Sud union and the eight French municipalities of the “Communautée de Communes Pays Haut Val d'Alzette” (CCPHVA). Each year, this title is awarded to a different city or region in the European Union.

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What languages are spoken in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg’s language situation is complex. The first language of most native Luxembourgers is Luxembourgish (“Lëtzebuergesch”), a Moselle Franconian idiom which, until the 20th century, was considered a dialect of German and not a language in its own right. In this sense, Luxembourg belongs to the Central-German-speaking area.

French, German and Luxembourgish are the country’s three official languages.

Where can I book a guide for Luxembourg City?

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Are there any certified hiking trails in Luxembourg?

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Is there a luggage transport system for hikers and cyclists?

If you’re planning to cycle or walk through Luxembourg over multiple days, you don’t need to carry your own luggage. “Move we carry” is an initiative that carries luggage from one overnight stop to another, completely free of charge. The service is usually available from 1 April to 30 September each year. You can book it using an online form or by telephone up until midnight the night before. Max. 20 kilograms and two pieces of luggage per person

Further information is available here: www.movewecarry.lu

What does Luxembourg offer for families?

Luxembourg is extremely child-friendly and nothing is spared to ensure that kids have a good time while visiting. Whatever the weather, you will always find a host of ideas to keep young and old entertained, and different places for the whole family to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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How has coronavirus changed Luxembourg as a destination?

Coronavirus has accelerated things. Demand trends that were already emerging before 2020 have been amplified: sustainability, digitalisation / seamless journeys, niches/individualisation, turning away from mass tourism, outdoor/nature. As a relatively unknown destination (not plagued by overtourism) with high-quality, diverse offers in a small area, Luxembourg is well positioned for this. On the supply side, however, coronavirus has naturally placed a heavy burden on the industry (accommodation, culture...), like everywhere else.

Which are Luxembourg’s target markets? From where do tourists come?

  • A markets: BE, NL, DE, FR, UK, CH
  • B markets: IT, ES, AT, DK, PL
  • Long-haul: US, CN

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus for entry into Luxembourg

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