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Le Moulin

Le Moulin

The story behind LE MOULIN flour and pasta is one of family. Today, Jean Muller is the keeper of this successful family tradition that started in 1704. He represents the tenth generation of millers in the Muller family.

Like all the directors who came before him, Jean is developing our unique business by maintaining exceptional craftsmanship and meeting today’s highest quality standards.

The production site is one of Europe’s most modern mills, while also keeping a rich family milling tradition alive.
As an independent stakeholder supporting sustainable and responsible farming, the Muller family created the “Produits du Terroir” network in 2007, together with the Luxembourg Chamber of Agriculture. Through this network, LE MOULIN and local farmers are committed to supporting wheat production that respects the environment and the product, as well as providing customers with tasty, 100% natural Luxembourg flour and pasta. Every bag of LE MOULIN flour or pasta contains a piece of this unique family history, as well as being full of delicious local flavour.


Address: Le Moulin
rue du Moulin 8
L-8380 Kleinbettingen
Phone:+352 39 84 44 1
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