When? Saturday 03.12.202209:30 - 21:00

Launch of the Citizen's Climate Collective
Where? 1, Ellergronn, L-4114 ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE Other

Launch of the Citizen's Climate Collective

Exchanges, convergence of projects and working groups, synergies, meetings...

Do you feel concerned, or even worried, about climate change, but don't know how to make your voice heard, have an impact, understand what is at stake? Do you live or work in Esch-sur-Alzette, or do you feel close to this city and want to contribute to making it more sustainable?

Because as citizens,

  •    we are able to act at our own level, to be creative and to initiate change,
  •    we have a role to play in the ecological and societal transition,
  •    we want to get involved, to imagine, to train, to build...

Meeting on 3 December at the Nature and Forest Centre of Ellergronn in Esch-sur-Alzette from 9.30 am to 9 pm! We will end the day with a convivial aperitif.

Free event, please register here: www.transition-minett.lu/event/lancement-du-collectif-citoyen-pour-le-climat/

More infos on the program : www.transition-minett.lu/en/the-ccc-program-and-inscription/

For all other questions, please contact us:

amelie@transition-minett.lu // +352 621 618 936


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Saturday 03.12.202209:30 - 21:00


Address: Centre nature et forêt Ellergronn
1, Ellergronn
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