BENU SLOOW Restaurant _ Bar

BENU SLOOW Restaurant

Where? 11, Boulevard Prince Henri, L-4280 Esch-sur-Alzette

The first vegetarian-vegan "Rescued Food" restaurant in the Greater Region opens its doors in Esch-sur-Alzette!

Because nutrition and food waste are issues that are close to our hearts, the first vegetarian-vegan "Rescued Food" restaurant in the Greater Region will open its doors inside the BENU VILLAGE in Esch-sur-Alzette and will offer organic, original and, above all, sustainable cuisine!
The BENU kitchen team composes new innovative taste explosions every day from high-quality "rescued" food, complemented by aromatic local wild herbs, the finest spices and carefully selected ingredients! And not only that: all ingredients come from controlled ecological agriculture and, if possible, from local production. Everything fresh. Everything under the Slow-Food motto...


Everything has been imagined and created to surprise you...

80% of BENU SLOOW's vegetarian and vegan delights are made from rescued food. Only 20% of the food used by BENU SLOOW has to be purchased, as it is not available as rescued food. What cannot be transformed into a dish goes to the bar or the Culinary Atelier. At BENU SLOOW, nothing ends up in the bin, because food waste is not an option!


The perfect mix to accompany your meals

We also apply the zero waste philosophy to our bar - each of our cleverly mixed cocktails contains at least one element of 'rescued food'. Our bar works closely with the kitchen and Culinary Atelier so that every food item can be sublimated!


Processing, preservating and flavouring

All food deliveries are received by the Culinary Atelier. What does the kitchen or bar need? Leftovers are flavoured, using refined spices, sublimated, using local wild herbs, and preserved in a professional and targeted manner: lacto-fermentation, dehydration, pasteurization, preserving in oil or salt... and other often ancient methods, so that they can be reused by the restaurant or sold in our BENU Shop. As always, everything finds a purpose at BENU!

Restaurant and cuisine

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Opening hours

Opening hours are subject to change. Please check them before your visit in order to be sure.

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11, Boulevard Prince Henri
L-4280 Esch-sur-Alzette
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Phone:+352 27 38 01 81

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