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Restoring Dignity, Maintaining Hope

mardi, 12 novembre 2019  -  mardi, 12 novembre 2019

Heure :
18h30 - 20h30
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Restoring dignity, maintaining hope – How much can a humanitarian organisation do?

It is now just over two years since almost a million Rohingyas were brutally forced out of Myanmar and found shelter in the precarious refugee camps of Cox's Bazaar district in Bangladesh. Beyond providing basic services to keep people alive and in good health, it is essential to restore the dignity of those who suffered unspeakable violence and to sustain the hope of those who have been deprived of everything. Cultural and creative expression, recognising refugees as individuals, are imperative tools in this respect, just as is constantly striving for quality and respect in service delivery.

But how much can humanitarian organisations do when, as is again the case here, there is no "end of the tunnel in sight" and when, as time goes by, tensions and conflicts increase in and around the camps? Will the international community accept the Rohingya crisis to be just another line on the list of "forgotten crisis"?

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