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Ava Luna

mardi, 25 juin 2019

Heure :
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pre-sale 11.00 €
boxoffice 12.00 €
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New York City's Ava Luna have described their band as an experiment in world-building through music, as a place where they use their own sonic language, one they've developed from electro funk, rock, disco, jazz. It's so unique that Pitchfork goes as far as saying that their music "exists on [its] own plane of gravity." Ava Luna make tunes that belong to every musical genre at once and to none at all.

That's precisely what makes them so great. You don't need to know what you’re listening to to enjoy Ava Luna's music anyway. Their live performances are magnetic and theatrical. Their chemistry is unbeatable and is said to send waves of camaraderie through the crowd. Welcome to their world!

Autumn Sweater draw their inspiration from 90s indie, 80s post-punk and any other style that comes along and takes their fancy to create their own kind of indie rock. Each of the three songwriters gives the band a different sound that goes from fast punk-influenced songs to soothing laid-back pop tracks.

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