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Nature, sport et loisirs

Yin and Yang Yoga (enseigné en français)

mardi, 18 juin 2019  -  mardi, 18 juin 2019

Heure :
12h30 - 13h30
Contact pour cet évènement
Tél. (Info) : +352 621 406 088
info@yogabalance.lu https://yogabalance.lu


YogaBalance is now offering a yoga class taught in french! This class begins with Yin Yoga, a passive form of yoga that helps move Chi through the meridian lines, and over time stretches the deeper connective tissues of the body. The class then moves into a strength building practice with a focus on slow flow and alignment. Sometimes we will mix it up and start with a bit of yang before yin, then yang again, ending with a deep relaxation and meditation. Great for beginners or anyone that loves a slower paced yoga class with a bit of flow. This class is taught by Hannelore.

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