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Where to go out in Luxembourg?

When the sun is slowly setting over the country and its offices are emptying, Luxembourg nightlife begins to stir and, in the cities, the atmosphere begins to build. The happy hubbub of people enjoying after-work drinks suddenly brings the streets to life – don’t be surprised if the groups that form are there till late in the evening!

People from all sorts of job rub shoulders and you hear languages from all over the world – it’s the perfect illustration of how cosmopolitan modern Luxembourg is. There is plenty of nightlife to keep you busy: great restaurants – some of them Michelin-starred – that are sure to set your mouth watering, countless bars with stylish decor, and hip cafés where “just one drink” will quickly turn into high-end cocktails and finger food. Keep the night going by heading somewhere for a dance – whether in a bar or a club, you’ll be able to hear the DJs of the moment spin their tunes till the early hours.

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