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Nature experiences

Relax in the great outdoors

It doesn’t always have to be an outdoor workout. If you are looking for peace and quiet in the fresh air, Luxembourg's diverse landscapes offer endless opportunities to relax and unwind. Walk through the nature parks and on the banks of lakes and rivers, breathe deeply and keep your eyes and ears open to the wonders of nature.

Feel how the lush growth of damp moss on the rocks of the Mullerthal cleanses and purifies the air. Discover small, delicate wild flowers blooming in the meadows as you walk in the Minett, and see for yourself why it is called the ‘Land of the Red Rocks’. Let the wind blow your cares away on the plateaus of Éislek. Experience the magic of the castles and lush greenery of Guttland. Recharge in the numerous parks of the capital city. See where the grapes grow in the vineyards among the picturesque villages of the Moselle. Get to know something about nature, the country and its people, everywhere you go.

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Living (in) the countryside

Relax in the fields, flowerbeds and pastures or lend a hand yourself: discover life in the countryside in Luxembourg. And find out what exciting tourist offers there are on this subject.

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Nature parks in Luxembourg

Water, landscapes & geology

The country’s three nature reserves – the Nature Park Öewersauer, the Nature Park Our and the Nature & Geopark Mëllerdall – fascinate visitors with an impressive and particularly valuable natural and cultural heritage.

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Hohlay Berdorf Mullerthal

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Upper Sure Lake Eislek

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Discover the hidden beauties of the country

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Natur experiences

Natur experiences
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  • Parc de l’Europe
    Parc de l’Europe
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  • Nature reserve "Haard-Hesselsbierg-Staebierg"
    The largest nature reserve in the country
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  • Rock formation "Alkummer"
    Impressive dolomite rock gorge on the local circular hiking trail R8 and on Mullerthal Trail Route 1.
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  • Nature Reserve Marais de Grendel
    Nature Reserve Marais de Grendel
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  • Viewpoint "Héikräiz"
    Historic stone cross
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  • Nature reserve "Brill"
    Nature reserve "Brill"
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  • Recreational area Op der Drëps
    Recreational area Op der Drëps
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  • Minett - UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
    The Minett region - officially a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
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  • Meander core "Thoull"
    Meander core "Thoull"
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  • Chairlift Vianden
    with theLuxembourgCard
    Chairlift Vianden
    Fly over Vianden by chairlift
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