When? Friday 06.10.202318:30 - 20:00

What is ‘Geodiversity’ and why is it important to society?
Where? 25, rue Münster, L-2160 LUXEMBOURG Training/Conferences

Conference with Kevin Page

Do you know what geodiversity is? The UNESCO has a definition: "Geodiversity is all around you. It is all the parts of nature that aren't alive; including everything from minerals and fossils, to soils and spectacular landscapes." (https://www.geodiversityday.org/

Kevin Page is a Geodiversity and Geoheritage specialist - he will be giving us his expert opinion on “What is ‘Geodiversity’ and why is it important to society?” 

Please register by E-Mail: geodiversity@mnhn.lu

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Friday 06.10.202318:30 - 20:00


Address: Musée national d'histoire naturelle - 'natur musée'
25, rue Münster
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Phone:+352 46 22 33 1
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