When? Saturday 15.07.2023

FLMP Wandersummer 2023
Where? L-9201 Diekirch Guided tours, Nature

The FLMP, together with its associated associations, will organise a total of more than 70 events during the period 15/07-15/08/2023.

Offers include:

  • Traditional hiking tour 
  • Guided hiking tour
  • Sunrise hiking tour
  • Sunset Walking Tour
  • After-work walking tour
  • Full Moon Walking Tour
  • Night Hike Tour
  • Gastro-Hike
  • History Trail
  • Sporty hiking tour
  • Leisurely out and about hiking tour
  • Fire brigade hiking tour
  • Marathon 42km 
  • 50km Trail
  • Hiking week
  • PW-Bus
  • Aqua-Walking
  • Mermaid swimming for children 
  • 50+ dance taster course 

Further information: https://www.flmp.lu/

Price information

At traditional events, children up to 14 years are free.


For special events there are different prices.

Hiking Moselle
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Address: Several events at different locations
L-9201 Diekirch
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Address: FLMP
56, B.P.
L-9201 Diekirch
Moselle Second Station 102

Where? 1, Route du Vin, L-5549 Remich

When? 02.07.2023

Guided comfort hike in Remich - Vakanz

Guided, comfortable hike (4km) on the comfort hiking trail in Remich including culinary surprises along the way.

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Where? 3, Pl. Morbach, L-57480 Sierck-les-Bains

When? 01.10.2023

Hiking without borders

On October 1st, hiking becomes borderless!

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Guide for 1 Day

Where? L-1111 Luxembourg

When? 24.06.2023

Guide for 1 Day

Are you fascinated by a place or landmark? Do you enjoy exploring the capital and the different regions by bike or while hiking?

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Dream Loop Manternacher Fiels

Where? 12, Syrdallstrooss, L-6850 Manternach

When? 09.07.2023

Picnic in the vineyard - Vakanz

Hiking event on the Traumschleife Manternacher Fiels trail with picnic in the vineyard.

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Where? Rue du Château, L-6310 Beaufort

When? 06.10.2023

Mëllerdall UNESCO Global Geopark erliewen - Vakanz

Inauguration of the new geo-pad "Haupeschbaach - Halerbaach" with guided hikes

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