When? Saturday 02.03.202414:00 - 18:00

5 Rooms - 5 Paths into the past
Where? 5, route de Diekirch, L-7220 WALFERDANGE Theatre, Film & Shows, Art, Culture & Literature

Artists Christoph and Sebastian Mügge

The artist brothers Christoph and Sebastian Mügge welcome you to a tour through the five rooms of the CAW to explore the identity of Luxembourg and Walferdingen in a new way. Here, stories, artifacts and other traces are brought to life, symbolizing our heritage as our time on this earth winds down.

The exhibition gives each room a unique atmosphere and thematic orientation. You will be immersed in the many facets of local references and experience the diversity in Luxembourg. The narrative strands of this exhibition weave together into a rich tapestry that humorously presents new stories and alternative narratives, allowing you to see Luxembourg and Walferdange from a completely new perspective.

The exhibition is dedicated to the timeless mystery of what remains of us when our earthly journey ends. This is done in a playful way by offering visitors

a fascinating mix of contrasting collections. This is where missed opportunities meet deeply personal treasures, wisdom meets light-hearted fantasies, and truths, fantasies, and truths merge with misunderstandings and false memories.

The elements on display reflect the sorting process that each generation undergoes in the face of changing value streams.

We invite you to embark on a journey of self-reflection aimed at reshaping your perceptions as you explore the profound interplay of legacies. What forgotten memories and untold anecdotes waiting to be uncovered?How will future generations view the assess the achievements and values of our society?

About Christoph and Sebastian Mügge

Christoph and Sebastian Mügge are German-born artists who now live in Sweden.

Sweden today. In 2011, Sebastian completed his MFA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå (SE), while Christoph studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf and graduated in 2013. As a duo, they realize extensive site-specific projects based on a fusion of found material and their independent style in various techniques.

Their exhibitions deal with multifaceted themes such as the impact of conflict on our everyday lives, the traces we leave behind physically and digitally when we pass away, the challenges of storytelling and the distortions and falsifications to which historical facts can be subjected. Sober narratives are interwoven with humor and alternate realities, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

Together they have exhibited at Space52 (Athens, GR), Galleri BOX (Gothenburg, SE), Galerie

Fontana (Amsterdam, NL), Museum Villa Rot (DE), Plateforme (Paris, FR), DG Kunstraum

(Munich, DE), The Koppel Project (London, UK), Ostrale Biennale (Dresden, DE), Sinne

(Helsinki, FI), PARTcours Biennial (Brussels, BE), Æther (Sofia, BG), Kunstverein Baden

(Baden, AT), Kristianstads Konsthall (Kristianstad, SE), Vestfold Kunstsenter (Tønsberg, NO),Södertälje Konsthall (Södertälje, SE), OK Corral (Copenhagen, DK), DAS ESSZIMMER - Raum für Kunst+ (Bonn, DE), Meno Parkas Galerija (Kaunas, LT), Periscope (Salzburg, AT)

and P8 Gallery (Tel Aviv, IL).

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Address: CAW Walferdange
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