Performing arts

Nicholas Grafia and Miko?aj Sobczak – Rooms

15.10.2021  -  17.10.2021

Ghosts and phantoms are ostensibly able to traverse time and space. Firmly planted beyond the boundaries of logic, Nicholas Grafia and Miko?aj Sobczak, have been possessed over and over by various entities who tell intertwined stories of exclusion and injustice, uncovering the content boiling in the universal unconsciousness and creating the very foundation of our cultures, based as they are on violence against the other. Rooms, a thirty-minute scripted performance in which Grafia and Sobczak underline the artificiality and theatricality of their actions, is conceived as the ‘personification of phantoms of past events inhabiting the performers bodies’. Conceived with an intentional focus on minority communities, Rooms shows us the great gaps in history – episodes historians might have missed, and those that have been purposefully ignored. Commissioned for the VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2020), Zielona Góra Biennale (2020), Lubuski Theater, Zielona Góra, PL

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