A New Shift (CinEast Festival)

13.10.2021  -  23.10.2021

A NEW SHIFT / Nová šichta (Czech Republic 2020)
directed by Jind?ich Andrš
documentary, 91 min,  en subtitles
Tomáš is a miner, accustomed to his daily routine of work-pub-bed. Then, the mine where he has worked for over 20 years closes. He does not give up though and takes a retraining course to become a computer programmer and restart his life.
Filled with keenly observed social detail, empathy and the refreshing humor of the social underdog, A New Shift tells the gripping real-life story of what it takes to switch lanes from blue to white collar work. 
Dok Leipzig IFF 2020; Ji.hlava IDFF 2020; Millenium FF 2021; Crossing Europe FF 2021; Visions du Réel IDFF 2021

Entry :

Ticket 7 €
Hybrid pass 30 €

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