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Daphné Le Sergent : Silver Memories

Saturday, 03 April 2021  -  Sunday, 06 June 2021



As part of the 8th edition of the European Month of Photography, titled "Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape", the Korean-born French artist Daphné Le Sergent (b. 1975) presents Silver Memories, a series of landscape representations combining photography, drawing and video. 

Based on the assessment that silver ore is becoming increasingly rare, Le Sergent constructs a hybrid artistic narrative where analogue photography plays a pivotal role in investigating topical artistic, economic and ecological issues. Consisting of a video projection and an installation of photographs and photo-drawings created specifically for the exhibition space at Casino Luxembourg, her sensitive multimedia work charts the production of silver halide film from mining to stock market variations.  
In her pencil drawings on photographs, the graphite appears to take the place of the silver, and the written trace dominates the photographic index. Her play with scale, which draws on Walter Benjamin’s observations on the relationship between near and far, between the auratic projection in the depths of the matter and the parodic reflection emerging from its surface, also nods to the late nineteenth-century pictorialist aesthetic.  

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