Deep | Dark | Dank

Wednesday, 27 May 2020  -  Sunday, 06 September 2020



Opening : 28.2.2020, 18.00

Alongside of the exhibition I’m terribly sorry, Rachel Maclean invites the artist Ben Wheele for a presentation of Deep | Dark | Dank.
Deep | Dark | Dank is an immersive installation by artist Ben Wheele. Using a range of digital animation techniques, Wheele constructs a fantastical world of sinister creatures, dark humour and grotesque body horror. His work is often found lurking in the ‘dark side of Youtube’, a little-known zone of mysterious videos, which generate all sorts of conspiracy theories and terrified reaction videos online.
Alongside his previous films, the installation features his latest project Top 5 Animation Containers. The work mimics the format of a Youtube ‘countdown’ video to explore how viral memes evolve. In particular, Creepypasta stories (online horror stories spread through ‘copy and paste’) and Dank Memes (exceptionally odd / unique memes).

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