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Visual arts

Timeless Tales II

Friday, 15 May 2020  -  Saturday, 30 May 2020

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TIMELESS TALES II is showcasing recent works by Marcin OWCZAREK, a young Polish artist exhibiting for the first time in Luxembourg as well as works by ADAM MARTINAKIS, digital artist and photographs by British artist MISS ANIELA.

On the one hand, TIMELESS TALES II wishes to create a conversation between three poetic and surrealist worlds, and on the other hand, it wishes to shed light on the use of new technologies in visual Arts: digital tools in Art has been a recurrent theme in our cycle of exhibitions since 2014.

Marcin OWCZAREK is fascinated by the influence of new technologies in Art and creates digital collages. The computer offers him the opportunity to compose skillful scenes made of hundreds of elements.

In his work, the artist creates a remarkable atmosphere while searching to seize the paradox which exists in the fear of the irremediable passing of time and the beauty of the eternal soul.

To do so, he uses the symbolism of Nature. Thanks to his diverse use of allegories, Marcin Owczarek’s art can therefore be interpreted on many levels. His work is a reflection of both human virtues and shortcomings in a surprising combination of old and present stories together with his observing of our contemporary world and personal prophecies.

Greek-Polish digital artist Adam MARTINAKIS is already one of the most notable digital sculptors in the international contemporary art scene and he is a recognized pioneer in the 3D and Digital Art. Working mostly about the human condition and consciousness, in Adam’s universe we are all dynamic mannequins floating in space. Those basic forms represent for him references of humans where the most important to him is the story they express. He describes his style as a mixture of conceptual, futuristic and surrealistic elements. Adam Martinakis is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

MISS ANIELA is a photographer based in London.

The British photographer creates an exquisitely odd and oneiric world, full of historical and literary references, inhabited by her models’ delicate beauty. The artist ignores anachronisms and creates finely balanced romantic and timeless works. She skillfully accessorizes her models with enormous and phantasmagorical dresses, wings, stuffed animals, waves or flames in majestic houses. She, then turns them into sirens, witches and modern times muses. Here beauty meets absurdity, there couture meets chaos.

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