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Film & photography

By the edges of our absence

Thursday, 12 December 2019  -  Sunday, 16 February 2020



By the edges of our absence is a dialogue of new works by Australian artist Alasdair Asmussen Doyle and French artist Judith Deschamps. Emanating from a common interest in the fabrication of histories, scale and time, Doyle and Deschamps respectively engage moving-image and sound tools to give shape to the shifting of time. 
On the occasion of their invitation by Casino Luxembourg, the two artists generate a unique process of hanging which, through corporal and spatial subjects, explore the suppleness of presence and absence. Oscillating between the inside, – Deschamp’s inquiry into the voice across generations – and the expansive – Doyle’s single-shot that acts out the nostalgic and laden gesture of looking out at sea —, the exhibition enkindles a space receding from view.
The two main – newly produced – works of the exhibition are presented apart from one another, displayed in succession, and bridged by a special moment taking place on Thursday January 16th, 2020. This moment coincides with the time when the previously displayed works will be taken down and the new ones haven’t been installed yet. This moment of suspension in-between two physical displays will offer the occasion for a guided tour relying on words rather than vision. Following the event, the new artworks will be installed. As such, the show exists in a state of flux, concerned as much with a work’s absence as its presence.
By the edges of our absence is the artists’ second exhibition presenting alongside one another, and the first in Luxembourg.

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