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Friday, 07 December 2018  -  Friday, 07 December 2018

Time :
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Entry :
Tarif normal 22.00 €
Tarif reduit 9.00 €
Tarif kulturpass 1.00 €


The hands are stretched out, looking for hold. Through the skin, she sends and receives vibrations, seeking to orientate herself. Emotions are rushing uncontrollably through her body and all she desires is to send out love. Weakness turns into empowerment and in a slow and powerful pace she begins to circle the space, steps become jumps, momentum arises...ready to fight. Seduced by the belief that a fierce strongman, is all we need to get things done and save the world, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess, embarks in her solo on a journey of becoming a warrior. Within a distorted and at the same time soft soundscape emerges a profoundly poetic image of human fragility and inner disruption. A dancing body caught in a perpetual fight with its emotions. After "Synchronization in process" (2016) and "Give me a reason to feel" (2017), Warrior" is the third piece in the context of the ongoing research about the "emotional body". Soutien: TROIS C-L, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg Support: Fonds culturel national Luxembourg, Fondation Indépendance, The Swedish Arts Grants Comitee, réseauGrand Luxe 2017-2019 Première le 07.12: Introduction à 19h30 par le dramaturge Thomas Schaupp Web: ; Tél: +352 / 26 20 52 - 444 ; Informations : ; Durée : 60 min, pas d'entracte Web: Organization: Production: utopic productions Coproduction: neimënster, Weld Stockholm, Skogen Credentials: Anne-Mareike Hess: Chorégraphie & interprétation Marc Lohr: Création musicale Mélanie Planchard: Costumes Brice Durand: Création lumière Thomas Schaupp: Dramaturgie Rosalind Goldberg: Conseil artistique Joséphine Evrard: Vocal coach

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