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Ice skating rink

The Iceskating rink of Beaufort is the first outdoor ice rink in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It has opened its doors in 1969. Since 2011, it is protected / covered by a tent. It offers the opportunity to skate and practice ice karting ...

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Parachuting Noertrange air-field

The Para Club Luxembourg is based in the north of the country, in Noertrange near Wiltz. Parachutists and visitors are welcome at weekends. ...

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Trampoline Park - Lake of Echternach

Sensational Trampoline Park with 10 normal trampolines and 4 bungee trampolines. Upon request, the trampolines can be reserved completely for groups and birthday parties. ...

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Karting Mondercange

The GO-KART track in Mondercange offers all the fun of racing for young and old. 25 karts are available for racing on a 850 m track. Children from 10 years of age are allowed to drive the 5.5 hp karts, from 18 years upwards they can drive the faster 10 hp v...

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Indoor ice skating rink Kockelscheuer

Recreation centre Kockelscheuer.   ...

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Various Sports in Luxembourg

There are few sports that are not practised in Luxembourg. Which is why you find aerodromes offering flying lessons, paragliding and skydiving. Next to that, there is a karting center with a number of dynamic sports activities for the whole family. When the weather permits, you can find many balloons over the skyline in Luxembourg. In winter, ice skating is most popular, or cross-country skiing and sledding in the Ardennes. 

Karting center, flying schools and cross-country skiing

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Various Sports in Luxembourg

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New Spirit Hot-Air Ballooning with inaugural flights

Where : Altwies

Balloon ride in Luxembourg Discover Luxembourg from a birds-eye view by...

dsc 3547

Ballooning 50° Nord

Where : Fouhren

Rise slowly in the air, see the splendid landscapes of northern Luxembourg...

ballooning 50° nord fouhren

Cross country skiing Hosingen

Where : Hosingen

Cross country skiing by snowy weather.

cross country skiing hosingen

Fishing in the lake of Echternach

Where : Echternach

The lake of Echternach is richly populated with peaceful fish and predatory...

fischen echternach see zelten jojo

Frisbee Golf-Course

Where : Bourglinster

You start the course of the Frisbee-Golf of the municipality of Junglinster in...

foto frisbee 5


Where : Pétange

The largest indoor leisure centre in Luxembourg: "Goldrush" indoor...

fun city petange

General aviation Luxembourg

Where : Luxembourg City

In Luxembourg you can fly a light plane or admire the beauty of the landscape...

luxembourg findel airport

Glider flying Useldange

Where : Useldange

Gliding is possible in the Grand-Duchy on weekends and public holidays from...

glider flying useldange

Horse-riding "Parc Naturel de la Haute-Sûre"

Where : Esch-sur-Sûre

Discover the magnificent, undulating region of Haute-Sûre Lake when you...

horse riding parc naturel de la haute sure

Horseride Tour 01 : Drei-Täler-Tour (24 km)

Where : Grevenmacher

Grevenmacher - Manternach - Berbourg - Lellig - Münschecker -...

horseride tour 01  drei taler tour 24 km

Horseride Tour 02 : Winzer & Brenner Rundtour (24 km)

Where : Grevenmacher

Gevenmacher - Oberdonven - Niederdonven - Machtum – Grevenmacher

horseride tour 02  winzer & brenner rundtour 24 km

Horseride Tour 03 : Zwischen Mosel und Sauer (24 km)

Where : Grevenmacher

Grevenmacher - Manternach - Lellig - Hierberbesch - Haard - Echternacher See...

horseride tour 03 zwischen mosel und sauer 24 km

Horseride Tour 04 : Wéngerten & Bongerten Rundtour (13,5 km)

Where : Greiveldange

Greiveldange - Wengertsbierg - Lenningen - Gostingen - Bierschelt –...

horseride tour 04  wengerten & bongerten rundtour 13,5 km

Horseride Tour 06 : Klenge Bësch & Wéngerts-Rundtour (12 km)

Where : Greiveldange

Greiveldingen - Briedemesser Besch - Branebesch - Lenningen - Wengertsberg -...

horseride tour 06  klenge besch & wengerts rundtour 12 km

Horseride Tour 07 : Miselerland-Tour (21 km)

Where : Greiveldange

Greiveldange - Stadtbredimus - Remich - Scheierbierg - Wellenstein - Wintrange...

horseride tour 07 miselerland tour 21 km

Horseride Tour 08 : Ein Tor zum Luxemburger Westen (19 km)

Where : Beringen

Beringen – Hingerhaff (- Reckange) – Hollenfels – Tuntange ...

horseride tour 08 ein tor zum luxemburger westen 19 km

Horseride Tour 09 : Schlösser-Tour (20km)

Where : Heisdorf

Heisdorf - Steinsel – Schoenfels – Hollenfels – Tuntange

horseride tour 09 schlosser tour 20km

Horseride Tour 10 : Vom Mittelalter in den Wilden Westen (24km)

Where : Hollenfels

Hollenfels – Saeul - Schweich – Huttange

horseride tour 10 vom mittelalter in den wilden westen 24km

Various Sports


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