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Equitation (2)

Horseback riding

Fancy exploring the country on horseback? Luxembourg has a lot to offer for those who are keen on horse-trekking.

Horseback riding in Luxembourg

Discover Luxembourg on horseback!

Perhaps you dream of spending a few days on horseback. Previously seen as more of a sport than a leisure activity, horse-trekking is, in recent years, very much the in thing among animal and nature lovers. Luxembourg has a fair number of dedicated horse-trekking routes. What’s more, the number of routes is increasing rapidly at the moment, and there should eventually be a network of trails connected to the neighbouring German regions of the Eifel Mountains and Saarland.

Does the idea of a holiday in the saddle, trekking in the wilds and living at your horse’s pace, appeal? It promises to be an unforgettable experience. On horseback, sensations are not the same as they are on foot: you will see things from on high, and you will feel the vibes coming from your steed and develop a relationship with it. That’s because horse-riding is something you do as a pair – it’s all about trust between the animal and you. It’s a very mindful activity, so focusing on it will enable you to re-centre yourself and to clear your mind – you’ll return from your trip to Luxembourg re-energised.

Riders can benefit from route suggestions and tourist information, but can also enjoy accommodation fitted out for horse-back tourism, ready to accommodate horses and their riders in friendly surroundings. With its trails through beautiful natural environments, its picturesque landscapes and its clearly marked routes, Luxembourg has everything a rider might need, making it a great destination for this fairly new form of tourism.