Horseback riding in Luxembourg

Discover Luxembourg on horseback!

You are an enthusiast rider who likes crossing picturesque landscapes? Luxembourg is the best destination for horse lovers.

Luxembourg offers nearly everything you need for an excellent horse riding holiday: horse trails, main attractions, horse friendly accommodations, restaurants serving local food.

Attractive riding trails make you discover a surprising variety of landscapes. Horse friendly accommodations are available at the starting and arrival points of each itinerary.

Equestrian holidays are expanding in Luxembourg. The ambition is to create a horsetrack network throughout the country and connected to the neighboring region, and more particular to Eifel and Saarland.


Horseback riding in Luxembourg

Show favourites

Horseride Tour 10 : Vom Mittelalter in den Wilden Westen (24km)

Where : Hollenfels

Hollenfels – Saeul - Schweich – Huttange

horseride tour 10 vom mittelalter in den wilden westen 24km

Horseride Tour 11 : Vom Hollenfels ins Mamertal (24 km)

Where : Hollenfels

Hollenfels - Tuntange – Bour – Roodt – Kehlen –...

horseride tour 11 vom hollenfels ins mamertal 24 km

Horseride Tour 12 : Eischtal Rundtour (33 km)

Where : Septfontaines

Septfontaines – Härebesch – Groussebesch – Houbierg...

horseride tour 12 eischtal rundtour 33 km

Horseride Tour 13 : Mamer Rundtour (19 km)

Where : Mamer

Camping Mamer – Gaaschtmillen – Juckebesch – Kehlen –...

horseride tour 13 mamer rundtour 19 km

Horseride Tour 14 : Müllerthal Rundtour (36 km)

Where : Waldbillig

Kelleschhaff, Waldbillig – Christnach – Marscherwald –...

horseride tour 14 mullerthal rundtour 36 km

Horseride Tour 15 : Nommern Rundtour (22 km)

Where : Nommern

Nommern – Medernach – Nommerléen – Nommern

horseride tour 15 nommern rundtour 22 km

Horseride Tour 17 : Beim Nachbar Eifel (26km)

Where : Echternach

Echternach – Idesheim (D)

horseride tour 17 beim nachbar eifel 26km

Horseback riding


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