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Where to buy food & beverages from Luxembourg ?

Luxembourg is a country largely characterised by agriculture, providing jobs for farmers, gardeners and labourers. Besides cereal crops, many different local products are made in Luxembourg.

Due to the many springs and reservoirs around the country, the water distribution network guarantees tap water of the highest quality. Two springs stand apart from the others, they are used for bottling mineral water.

Luxembourg can also truly be proud of its brewing culture. Folk tales tell of brewing in Luxembourg City as early as the Middle Ages. The “Brasserie Nationale” with its Battin and Bofferding brands is among the country’s market leaders.

Another speciality; Luxembourg’s “eaux-de-vie” or noble brandies are as varied as the plants and flowers themselves that produce these delights, and as varied as the drinkers’ tastes.

Our healthy and tasty meats exceed European quality criteria for well over 20 years. Animals are traditionally bred on family-owned farms, and spend their lives largely on meadows, a fact the consumer highly appreciates. Since the early 1990s, five quality labels assure the buyer of origin, breed and quality of the meats.

Cereal crops are widely cultivated in Luxembourg, especially wheat, rye and barley, as well as buckwheat.
The mills guarantee a high quality of grind, much appreciated by bakers and confectioners as well as the local food industry.

Organic food, such as “bio” dairy products are widely available in Luxembourg, although still only moderately produced. The State controls and awards this produce with a number of quality labels among which the widely respected “Marque Nationale” label, warrant for the goods’ regulated origin.

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