Nature Reserve Schlammwiss 1920x1080 © Alfonso Salgueiro
Nature Reserve Schlammwiss 1920x1080 © Alfonso Salgueiro

Nature reserves

Leave behind the stress of the daily grind and take a restorative walk in one of Luxembourg’s nature reserves.

Nature reserves in Luxembourg

Lush, forested hills are never far away in Luxembourg, even when you’re in the heart of the capital.

Considered the lungs of Europe, Luxembourg’s green landscapes offer a real breath of fresh air to those who want to explore them. Outdoorsy types are sure to want to get to know this other side of the country, a world away from its status as the cradle of the European Union and a major financial centre. They’ll be particularly keen to get deep into the forests covering over a third of the country’s surface area. Did you know that going for a walk surrounded by trees reduces stress and boosts energy? That’s a great reason for an open-air getaway from daily life in the city.

Luxembourg has numerous nature reserves, where biodiversity is carefully conserved, and animal and plant life flourish in complete tranquillity, in harmony with the changing seasons. Whether on foot or by bike, you will love crossing fields of wild orchids, observing birds in their natural habitats, wandering through vineyards, following the course of rivers, or discovering historical remains that have been swallowed up by vegetation.

Follow marked trails and themed routes, which will take you into the wilds to discover nature’s secrets. Along the way, make detours to the little villages around and about, which are often steeped in local traditions, and take a break either to sample a local culinary speciality or to experience some unique aspect of village culture.