Nature Reserves in Luxembourg

In the Moselle region the nature reserve of Haff Remich presents an inestimable biotope. The nature reserves in Luxembourg are not only meant for hiking, cycling or trekking but are located in small villages with a diversified leisure program. Cosy little restaurants and shops with a broad range of locally produced delicacies turn each visit into a delicious discovery.


Nature Reserves in Luxembourg

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Biodiversum - Nature Reserve Haff Réimech - Remerschen

Where : Remerschen

The nature reserve Haff Réimech, on the bottom of the wine slopes...

biodiversum nature reserve haff reimech

Natural conservation area "Strombierg"

Where : Schengen

This former plaster mining site now holds a natural conservation area with a...

Strombierg, Schengen

Nature reserve "Ellergronn"

Where : Esch-sur-Alzette

After years of iron ore mining in the "Kaatzebierg" mines, the...

reserve naturelle ellergronn copyright pulsa pictures ort sud 72 dpi 19

Nature reserve "Grouf"

Where : Schengen

This 153 ha large natural conservation area fitted with a nature guided path...

nature reserve grouf schengen

Nature reserve "Haard, Hesselsbierg, Staebierg"

Where : Dudelange

The Haard has been classified as a "protected zone" in 1994. With a...

Nature reserve Haard, Hesselbierg, Staebierg 2

Nature reserve "Manternacher Fiels" - A Wiewesch

Where : Manternach

The Manternach centre "A Wiewesch", an ancient renovated farm,...

visit moselle a wiewesch 3

Nature reserve "Prënzebierg - Giele Botter"

Where : Differdange

A discovery trail leads through a former open-cast mining area in the...

nature reserve prenzebierg  giele botter

Nature reserve Aarnescht

Where : Niederanven

The nature reserve Aarnescht is mainly known for its high number of different...

aarnescht 01

Nature Reserve Pëttenerbësch

Where : Pettingen

The nature reserve “Pëttenerbësch” hosts a variety of...

pettenerbesch ortco 5

Nature reserve Schlammwiss

Where : Uebersyren

The 375 ha large wetland Schlammwiss in Uebersyren is the largest, connected...

schlammwiss jim schmitz 3

Nature Reserves


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