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Start dreaming on these three certified circular hiking paths in the Luxembourgish Moselle Region!

Hiking at highest level await the active and recreation-seeking hikers on the three certified premium trails in the Moselle Region. These high quality walking circuits run mostly on narrow nature-oriented paths, past impressive stone formations and idyllic water courses and breath-taking panoramic look-out points with truthful boundless views. Each of the three loops enchant with its own distinctive cultural and natural landscapes.

Along the way you will find numerous beautiful spots to sit down and relax. Or why not take a break in one of the hiking-friendly restaurants, of which there is at least one near every dream loop. Thanks to the strict guidelines of the German Hiking Institute the paths are well signed in both directions. Hiking on the dream loops is definitely a well-being experience!

Hiking in the Moselle Region gives you the opportunity to discover on one hand the remains of the Roman history and on the other hand to stroll along romantic wine villages and vineyards with panoramic views on the Moselle river.

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Dream loops - Traumschleifen in Luxembourg

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Dream loop - Manternacher Fiels

Where : Manternach

This exciting trail runs mainly through the nature reserve Manternacher Fiels....

kpk922768 wanderbu ro saar hunsru ck klaus peter kappest

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Where : Schengen

3 countries in 3 hours?  From the European Museum, which became famous in...


Dream loop - Wine & Nature Path Palmberg Ahn

Where : Ahn

Passing along the steep shell lime cliffs, the path leads you through the...


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